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Theme Gardens at The Purple Gate Herb Farm

Ancient Garden
Ancient Garden
Our Ancient Garden includes plants with a long history in the literature of many different countries. This garden includes tansy, rosemary, lavender, yarrow and many other plants known to the Ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and Egyptians. The surprising thing about these plants, like yarrow, is that people continents apart found similar culinary and medicinal uses for these plants and that these same plants are still in use today.
Here are some plants that we enjoy in the kitchen Culinary Garden
Culinary Garden
This was our first theme garden. We use these plants in the kitchen as we learn about others. This garden has evolved into a "cottage" garden with vegetables and flowers complimenting the herbs.
We recycle when we can. This pond is a revitalized old satellite dish. Fragrance Garden
Solar Pond
This is a favorite place to sit and watch our solar powered fountain in a pond made from a recycled satellite dish. We concentrate the most fragrant plants in this area.

We love to sit on the porch in the early morning for breakfast. Japanese Garden
Japanese Garden
Bud has dreamed of making a Japanese Garden for years. We finally got this one started. The challenges have been to keep the quiet spirit of the garden and find plants that will do well in this area. We are incorporating evergreen and perennial herbs to keep with our overall emphasis on herbs. This we hope will encourage people to use herbs in a variety of ways in their garden plans.
In the early morning while we are weeding we stop to enjoy the changing gardens. Medicinal Garden
Safe or Dangerous Plants

Can you identify the beneficial or the toxic plants here?

If not, maybe a tour to The Purple Gate Farm will help.

The Medicinal Garden is the most popular of our gardens. Here you will find echinacea, foxglove, comfrey, feverfew, mullein and other favorites. So much publicity has been given to the use of medicinal herbs that people want to know more. Sadly, there is a lot of misleading information about the benefits of herbs as medicinals. I include a survey of many of the past uses of specific plants in my booklets and include bibliographies to resources that I think are very reliable.
The wildflowers are a special treat.

Garden Flowers and Texas Wildflowers

Texas wildflowers grow all around us. We have selected some to incorporate into our other gardens. The benefits of low water requirements and exceptional beauty make the Texas Wildflowers a great addition to any garden in this area.      
We are happy to see others enjoy the gardens.

As some Texans say---Ya-all come and see  us...y'hear?
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