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Visitor Comments

 Very interesting. I appreciate your great knowledge and hard work.
(Margaret, Houston, TX)

Enjoyed very much! (Helen, Somerville, TX)

Thank you. I could get really laid back here! (Barbara, Caldwell, TX)

I enjoyed the 'whole' thing. (Nancy, Normangee, TX)

2nd trip was as nice as the first trip. (Autumn, Caldwell, TX)

Vision is the stuff The Purple Gate Farm is made of. The vision to see what others would cut down and clear away as unprofitable plan for a touch of nature unspoiled....(Joe Conway, freelance writer)

I love this place! (Linda, Santa Fe, NM)

Very interesting. Very well presented. Nice trip. Will return. (Nancy, Meadows Place, TX)

Enjoyed everything, very educational. (Lydia, Snook, TX)

Want to bring a Senior Group out for a tour. (Sara. Caldwell, TX)

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Beautiful, much needed place.(Mary Beth, Fort Worth, TX)

The first surprise comes while following Mary Mills' map and instructions for getting from Caldwell to The Purple Gate Farm....Here narrow country roads meander past rolling pastures and around gentle curves into deep woods that have flourished, uncut for enough years to appear impenetrable. In a few places there is almost a back-roads New England feel to the scenery....

But the greatest surprise comes after turning into the shaded drive that plunges into the forest and leads to the amazing clearing where you find The Purple Gate Farm...(Candace Leslie, Insite Magazine, October 1997)

Thank you for caring about the tradition. (Mary, Dallas, TX)

Lovely morning. Relaxing time with delicious tea.(Sara, Caldwell, TX)

Fun and interesting. (Sally, College Station, TX)

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Love-Brings back lots of memories.(Carrie, Bryan, TX)

This has been a very wonderful & interesting Day!
Thank you. (Marcella, College Station, TX)

Enjoyed learning about herbs. Lunch was delicious! (Jean, College Station, TX)

Our club really enjoyed our visit with you on 5/19. You have really done a tremendous job of making your display beds and you gave such interesting comments on them. Food was delicious! (Shirley, F.C.E. Club, Houston,TX)

Purple Gate is such a welcoming place...You have transformed your place into a magical, mysterious and enchanting land, and everyone was duly impressed....The food was scrumptious, and the "dilly bread" a wonderful treat!...The volunteers enjoyed every minute...We all look forward to many great times with you. (Honey, Caldwell,TX)

We really appreciate you showing us around and teaching us about the plants that we see so much but didn't know anything about. We now know what plants can make tea, what berries not to eat, what plants can make a kind of shampoo.etc. Thank you again!!! (Girl Scout Troop, Caldwell, TX)

Thanks for the wonderful day we spent with you! My lemongrass is thriving and I love your booklets. I want to visit again-soon!!! (Mary, Dallas,TX )

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